4 Ways to Make Your New Hire Feel at Home

First days – whether it is your first day at school, first day in a new city or country, or your first day driving your car on our own – are always memorable (for the better or worse). However, one of the most nerve-wracking ‘firsts’ is the first day at a job. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned job-seeker, wondering if you will fit-in in your role and the company culture, is fairly overwhelming for anyone.

But you, the employer, can do quite a few things to make this experience smoother and more pleasant for your new hire, and, in this blog, Ian Mausner will discuss a few valuable tips in this regard.

 Ways to Make Your New Hire Feel at Home:

Tip 1 – Let the Employee Know What to Expect on the First Day:

A good way to make your new hire feel confident about their first day is to let them know what to expect. According to Ian Mausner, you should cover information like:

  • The time that the employee is expected to come in
  • The dress code
  • An overview of the things that will happen throughout the day
  • The details of the employee’s primary contact
  • The items (if any) that the employee needs to bring in

Knowing the above can make an employee feel a lot more assured and less anxious about their first day.

Tip 2 – Provide an Office Tour:

New offices are disorienting, especially if you do not have the first clue about where to go or who to meet.

To keep your new hire from feeling lost, make sure you kick their first day off with a tour of the entire premises, including the offices and facilities. Ian Mausner also recommends trying to introduce them to as many people as you can, as you move along.

The employee is unlikely to remember everything or everyone. However, they will feel more comfortable once they’ve been introduced to their place of work and the people they will be working alongside.

 Tip 3 – Create Schedule and Structure:

The initial couple of weeks at a new job are often full of anxieties, questions, and confusion. Try and make the transition easier for your new hire by streamlining their first few working days with a set schedule. The schedule should establish the right balance between the onboarding activities and the actual tasks that the employee is supposed to do. This way, the employee will be able to settle in without feeling unproductive.

Tip 4 – Check in After Week One:

Do not forget all about your new hire after the first few days. Show them that you are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that they are feeling at home by checking-in on them.

A few simple ways to check-in on your new employee are:

  • Sending an email, asking if everything is going fine
  • Having a quick chat with them during or after the office hours
  • Setting up a meeting to discuss their initial performance and progress

A seemingly small gesture can go a long way in making the employee feel confident and comfortable, so do not underestimate the importance of checking-in.

Final Word:

If a new hire is expected to join your organization in the coming days or weeks, implementing the above tips by Ian Mausner can make them feel welcome and at-ease. When employees are surrounded by feelings of warmth, appreciation, and value, they are likely to be more productive and go above and beyond for your company.

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