How to Manage Stress and Be Happy During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Simple Tips from Ian Mausner

Ian Mausner with millions of people falling ill, hundreds of thousands dying, businesses. Downing shutters, people losing jobs, the coronavirus pandemic has turned our world as we knew it upside down. Due to the prevailing atmosphere of fear and also uncertainty. It is quite natural for people, especially the young, ill, the aged, and especially those who already suffer. From psychological problems to feel insecure and stressed out, observes Ian Mausner. Some handy tips that will help you to relax better and lower your stress levels. To your home for days on end.

Connect with Family, Friends, and Colleagues Virtually 

Even if you are forced to isolate yourself and practice social distancing diligently. There is no need for you to lose out on the company of your family, friends, and colleagues. You can connect to them individually and as a group at your convenience. Using one of the many available social media, messaging, and video-conferencing apps for laptops and smartphones. Even the children can set up play-dates with their friends virtually or play games over the internet together. The extra time you have is a great opportunity to reconnect with all the people you have not had the chance. To interact with for years, says Ian Mausner. Staying connected with others can help you to maintain good mental and also emotional health.

Reserve Time for Yourself 

If you are not accustomed to spending days. On end cooped up in the house with the family. Especially if you have demanding and energetic kids, it can sometimes get stressful. And also you could become irritable or even lose your cool. To counter this, you should reserve some time that you can devote just to yourself when you can do something. That relaxes you like reading a book, playing a musical instrument, watching TV, do gardening or yoga for that matter. Give the kids something to keep them engrossed, switch off your phone. And tell the rest of the household that you should not be disturbed.

Try to Be Positive 

When life has been disrupted, everyone can feel anxious and disturbed. Especially, children who do not have a proper understanding of the situation. If you or your kids are feeling frustrated and also cranky, you should remind yourself that the situation is far grimmer. For many others, and you need to remain positive so that all of you can get through. The current difficult situation without breaking down. Instead of dwelling on things that you could have done better, or cursing your luck. Try to focus on being positive and recollect the positive things about your life, recommends Ian Mausner.


To keep stress and anxiety at bay, try to go outside every day or some time to enjoy the sun and get some fresh air. With negative news, recommend mental health experts. Think beyond yourself and focus on the wellbeing of the rest of your family. Create schedules so that there is some semblance of order in a life that might be otherwise, chaotic.

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