Ian Mausner Encourages to Stay Fit While Working from Home

After the Coronavirus affected the entire world, things changed drastically. Businesses and workplaces became entirely remote, leaving employees to work from home. Besides giving time to your family, managing the house chores, and other daily routine work, you have to do the desk job as well. This makes it understandable that exercise takes a backseat, but that shouldn’t be the ideal decision. Exercise offers numerous benefits and it should become a part of our daily routine. Ian Mausner states, physical activity reduces stress and keeps you active, and helps you get proper sleep. Along with that, you are ultimately increasing your stamina, working with a clear mindset, and improving self-esteem. 

 Ian Mausner Guide on How to Stay Active When Working from Home

It seems very difficult to find time and energy to work out, especially when you’ve lost all the motivation of going out. It often feels that you’re becoming quite lazy and procrastinating a lot when stuck indoors. Going out for a walk seems impossible especially after a whole 7-8-hour session of work from home. 

But, keeping health a priority has to be the topmost concern and also a daily habit. Starting your day with a positive routine exercise can keep you fresh, active, and healthy all day long. Your body gets the desired energy to keep you engaged and work longer, resulting in a better work-life balance.

How to Work Out While Working from Home? 

Set Alarm from Stretching 

Adding exercise into your daily routine brings fruitful results to your health and wellbeing. While you’re working, you can set up an alarm that rings every one hour, indicating that it is time for you to stand up and stretch up for a bit. Sitting constantly in front of a laptop or desktop can bring serious back problems along with a ruined body posture which will later be painful. Thus a 10 min stretching every one hour will make your body moving and active. You can do the stretching in the same room where you are working so that you can resume work quickly.

Simple Yoga

A 10 minutes Yoga routine every day is simple and extremely easy plus effective. Even if you have never done Yoga in your life before, you will be surprised to know that it is relatively easy, soothing, and brings your energy back. Try some simple Yoga stretch at the start, it doesn’t require huge space. If possible, join an online Yoga class; it will be fun and interesting to do it along with a professional Yoga instructor.

 Ian Mausner suggests some other ways to maintain fitness: 

  • Jaw, Neck, and Head exercise to remove pain
  • Start your day by holding a plank for 30 to 45 seconds
  • Walk around your home often during a meeting or a call


The thought of incorporating exercise in your daily routine may seem daunting, but these kinds of exercises are ways to healthy living. It improves your motivation to work longer, keeps you active throughout the day, and also is great to avoid any sorts of body pain.

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