Ian Mausner Explains the Do’s & Don’ts during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Ian Mausner with the spreading of the coronavirus throughout. The globe at a fast pace, everyone should take the necessary measures and precautions to avoid getting an infection. Despite the lockdown, the number of people infected is increasing at an alarming rate. This can be avoided if people understand what should and shouldn’t be done during the pandemic crisis. The internet is already overwhelmed with information about the virus and to a certain extent, some information isn’t true. Ian Mausner recommends taking basic precautionary measures. Along with the dos and don’ts that can help reduce the disease to further escalate.

Ian Mausner Strictly Asks to Follow These Don’ts 

Don’t Panic

While panicking is pretty normal behavior, this mostly occurs. Due to the false information, we read on the Internet that scares us. Instead of reading everything and believing it to be true. Take the necessary precautions and move out only when it is absolutely necessary.

Don’t Spit

Spitting on the road is already a bad habit. But now it is a must to stop it at any cost. Spitting increase the spread of the virus disastrously, which is the last thing you wish to do. Avoid spitting in public and make sure you stay away from people who’re caught up with cold and viral. 

Don’t Use Public Transport

Traveling by shared cabs, buses, flights and train increase your chance of getting infected. If the situation permits you to use it, make sure you carry sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes with you. Sanitize your surrounding before sitting, touching, and holding an object, surface whatsoever. 

Don’t Touch Your Face

While you’re wearing a mask, you often seem to touch your face because it might make you uncomfortable. Ian Mausner advices not to touch your face, mouth, nose as it develops the chance of spreading the virus. Wash your hands or sanitize it before touching, it will be good for you. 

The Do’s

Do Emphasize on Hygiene

Maintaining your hygiene is in your hand and only your concern. Wash your hands for about 20 seconds, use sanitizer often while you are out in public. As soon as you touch a surface or an object that is commonly used by others. Make sure you disinfect it with a wipe and then wash your hands later.

Do Seek Medical Help

If you notice unusual fever, cold, and flu, or even viral and sore. Throat or breathing problems, do not treat it with a home remedy. If possible, seek a medical expert’s advice and treat yourself at the earliest.

Do Focus on Your Diet

From eating healthy and home-made food to drinking enough water to keep you hydrated. Having a perfectly balanced diet can keep you active and healthy all day long. 


Having a healthy lifestyle and a good immune system allows you to combat the infection that is drastically spread by the coronavirus. Your health and safety are totally in your hands, so make sure basic measures are followed, not just by you but by your entire family.

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