Ian Mausner Highlights Some Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Boost Your Physical & Mental Health during COVID-19 Pandemic

Ian Mausner everybody wants to run away from the confinement of their homes. And carry on living just the same way as they did before the deadly coronavirus took over. The COVID-19 situation is going from bad to worse with the advent of fall. Staying at home and social distancing are the new norms in the current circumstances.  As the coronavirus situation has been escalating it is recommended to stay indoors. And keep practicing safe and healthy habits such as self-quarantine and social distancing.

Considering the fact that we are staying at home most of the time during the day. The Internet has become our best friend and it is the most effective way of staying connected and get the desired information. Ian Mausner says that as warm handshakes are getting substituted. By virtual hugs, more and more people are opting for Instagram to stay connected and to stay healthy.

Instagram is a versatile platform and it is the best destination for current affairs alerts. Fitness and wellness tips, fashion advice, and comic relief during this stressful COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some celebrated Instagram accounts that you need to follow to ensure health and fitness.

For Getting COVID-19 Updates

During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, it is best to stay well-informed and updated. With all the latest developments in the health and wellness sector. You could do that thanks to the following Instagram accounts of two reputed health accounts.

WHO Or the World Health Organization

The World Health Organization boasts of a famous or highly-popular Instagram account. In the light of the dangerous COVID-19 pandemic situation. It is being consistently updated with valuable information for staying safe and healthy despite the dire circumstances. Videos, infographics, and alerts. You would find whatever you are looking for in terms of overall health and wellness. Right here on the WHO Instagram account.

Centers for Disease Control

Ian Mausner firmly believes that everybody could help in preventing COVID-19 infection. The CDC Instagram account is the best one for some smart medical advice and #COVID-19 preventive tips. CDC advises everyone to at once, call your doctor and discuss your symptoms the moment they develop. You may even seek medical intervention if you realize that you have been exposed. To a COVID-19 patient or when you had to travel from a region having widespread COVID-19 flare-ups.

Ian Mausner reminds you that you could learn more by visiting www.cdc.gov/COVID19 #PublicHealth #CDC. You could get to see many important COVID-19 updates and other valuable health information relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. Just because CDC is a top authority, you could simply rest assured of obtaining authentic information and news. Without any misconceptions that are usually, floating around.

Getting a Health & Fitness Boost

Tyler Cameron

Instagram: @tylercameron3

This is a great page to follow provided you are looking for some green inspiration. From palm trees along with reality stars while working out at home. Tyler Cameron is the phenomenally popular “Bachelorette” personality and here on this Instagram fitness account. He is enjoying his fitness sessions with his heartthrob Hannah Brown and some others. For the fabulous outdoor sessions in the presence of Phil Fit, the legendary fitness trainer.


Follow the above Instagram accounts to boost your health and overall wellbeing despite the COVID-19 pandemic. You may even follow Chelsea Piers Fitness if you want to exercise with a group of extremely cool and laid-back people from the East Coast. You could enjoy some motivating and calming yoga.

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