Ian Mausner: Is NOW the time to get into Cryptocurrencies likes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple?

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum (and hundreds of smaller cryptocurrencies collectively known as altcoins), have exploded in value in recent months says Ian Mausner. The growth has been staggering – with Bitcoin increasing over 600% since the start of 2017.

But now may be one of the best times to get into cryptocurrency yet… With prices down roughly 50% from their peak in late June/early July, cryptos are far more reasonably priced right now than they were just six weeks ago when Bitcoin was well over $3,000. People are slowly coming around to realizing that these amazing gains are not going to happen every day.

And what about Ripple?

Ripple is up over 12,000% YTD… But only a handful of news outlets actually cover Ripple. For the most part, it’s not even on people’s radar. That means we can expect very explosive growth ahead in the coming months and years as more and more investors jump in.

We were talking about this in our latest Crypto Quick News video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IeIcJDLE6A – when Bitcoin is priced at $2,000 or $3,000 – just a few quick months from now – I believe we’re going to see Bitcoin prices of $10,000… maybe even $100,000.

Of course, all cryptos are highly speculative investments… And there will be plenty of ups and downs along the way (and maybe some sideways movement too).

As I’ve talked about before, the entire cryptocurrency market right now is less than half a trillion dollars in total market capitalization. That’s nothing! Many of the companies with the highest market caps right now are worth well over $100 billion – and some are worth several hundred billion says Ian Mausner. And they didn’t even come close to achieving what cryptos have achieved this year!

Even if cryptocurrencies just increase tenfold again from here (and that would be perfectly in line with their track record so far), that would mean we’re looking at $5 trillion in total crypto market cap by 2020 – which would be over 10x today’s valuation.

So, consider me bullish on Cryptos… With prices down 50% or more from their peak, it’s a great time to buy! And with prices down 50%, the potential gains are still HUGE – it’s not as if you have to stretch your imagination or predictions to see big price movements.

As always, do your own research and due diligence on any particular crypto before investing… There are some cryptos that I’ve personally invested in already for many months… While there are others that I just think have tremendous upside right now says Ian Mausner.

I’ll be sharing more of my favorite cryptocurrencies soon… As well as strategies on how to trade them, ways to fund your account without using fiat currency (and other tricks), plus which exchanges I personally use and trust, etc. Stay tuned!

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What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that uses cryptography (complex math equations) to create and transfer funds.

What is mining all about?

Each cryptocurrency is built on its own blockchain technology – which acts as a public ledger. And in order to use the “public ledger” for transactions, there needs to be “miners” who confirm and process these transactions… For their time & energy. Anyone can be a miner… But due to competition and the cost of equipment and electricity, it’s not feasible unless you’re actually trying to turn a profit from it!

How do I get into cryptocurrency trading?

You’ll need an account with one of the major exchanges… Like Coinbase (where you’ll be able to buy $100 worth of cryptos today as a starting point). Then you can transfer your cryptos from the exchange to a secure digital wallet set up on your PC or mobile phone.


I am so bullish on Cryptos right now; I’ve been actively trading them for more than 6 months already. And I see huge potential upside in the coming years…

The entire cryptocurrency market cap is less than half a trillion dollars right now (with Bitcoin representing an overwhelming majority of that figure). Ian Mausner says if cryptos just increase tenfold again from here – which would be perfectly in line with their historical growth patterns – we’re looking at $5 trillion in total crypto market cap by 2020.

So, consider me bullish on Cryptos! With prices down 50% or more from their peak, it’s a great time to buy!

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