Ian Mausner Recommends Not to Believe in These Corona Virus Immunity Myths

Ian Mausner with a growing number of corona virus-infected cases. There is a rise in the number of myths associated with the virus too. Government and healthcare sectors are constantly appealing to people to stay indoors, use sanitizer, and maintain social distancing. Amidst all these, severe panic has led to the rise of fake news. Ian Mausner has enlightened us with a list of some common misconceptions.

Ian Mausner Debunks Top Myths on Corona Virus & Health 

Alcohol Protects from Covid-19

Drinking alcohol doesn’t protect you from being infected with the virus; in fact, it is far more dangerous to consume it. This myth got significant importance after knowing that sanitizers consist of alcohol which is good to fight corona. The more you drink alcohol, the more it affects your health and increases the risk of lowering your immune system according to WHO.

Vitamin C Cures the Infection

During the SARS outbreak, Vitamin C was extremely useful. Because of the healing property presented in it, which saved a lot of patients. Vitamin C can only be considered for giving your immune system a good boost, besides that, there is no clarification or confirmation that it helps people fight with corona. It is a way to enhance your immune system and become healthier.

Only Old People Are in Danger

The ratio of old people being infected with the virus and struggling to overcome from it is pretty common. This is sole because their immune system is low and they have a very slight capacity for fighting a virus like this. But, looking at people with pre-existing medical conditions like heart disease, kidney problems, and diabetes; This makes it clear that there is no age consideration for the virus to infect.

Drinking Hot Water Keeps the Virus Away

Although drinking warm water has several health benefits and you might feel better and light after consuming it. There is no guarantee that the virus will be away from you after regular consumption of hot water. Coronavirus symptoms are majorly cold, cough, flu, and breathing issue, warm water can keep you away from sore throat and cold. It can only prevent you from falling ill, but no prevention.

Garlic Are Lifesavers

Ian Mausner says garlic has antimicrobial properties. Despite the anti-infective property present in Garlic. Clinically it isn’t proven to defeat the virus. 


If you end up being sick, catching a cold or fever, it is best to stay at home. Do not panic and don’t rely on these myths which will eventually be of no use. Work hard on improving your immune system, eat healthily, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Focus on your hygienic, wear a mask, use sanitizer, and maintain social distancing. 

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