Ian Mausner Reminds You to Wear a Facemask to Fight the Battle against Corona Virus

Ian Mausner the novel coronavirus emerged rapidly and spread. Throughout the world, causing severe health concerns and affecting people with underlying health conditions. You have heard a lot in recent times about the use of facemask and its ability to prevent infections. People are still seen not following the rules and questioning. Whether face masks are effective and one should wear them or not? Ian Mausner says mask should be worn all the time as soon as one head. Out in public or around people in the group. Masks are a form of protection, a barrier that protects us and others from the virus, bacteria, and other particulates.

Ian Mausner Guides on Everything about Facemask:

Protects from Infection

Respiratory masks are a form of protective gear. That covers a portion of your face, especially the mouth and the nose. They are designed simply to protect the person wearing it. It and the people around the person in the same environment.

With different types of masks available in the market, like half, full, quarter masks, the breathing resistance varies differently. All based on the density of the material of the mask. But one thing that remains the same is, all facemasks tend to keep germs and infections away.

Homemade Masks Lower the Risk 

With proper physical distance, wearing a homemade cloth. Face masks in a public setting can keep you protected and reduce the risk too. They lower the chance of people transmitting the virus through sneezing, speaking, and even coughing.

They are far better than going in public without wearing a mask as they do protect to some extent. Regularly washing a homemade mask. After every use is highly suggested and it is better. To wash off your hands, mouth, nose, and face immediately after removing the facemask.

Why Facemasks Should Be Worn in the First Place?

By not wearing facemasks in public, people unknowingly spread germs and bacteria through coughing, sneezing, or even touching others. If others are around, it becomes our duty to take precautions and wear masks. 

This can be an act of courtesy towards oneself and others. Although a cloth mask is likely to not prevent the spread of the virus. It will, to some extent, reduce the droplets of the virus being deposited. And act as respiratory protection. 

Ian Mausner explains the best benefit of wearing a facemask is that almost 95% of breathing cuts. Down which in turn keeps the virus away. Plus, it also prevents the virus from fecal or oral transmission. 


Coronavirus is transmitted from person to person via a small respiratory droplet, this generally means that the virus gets exhaled, through talk, sneezing, and coughing. As much as you wish to avoid getting caught up with the virus, heading out in public possess the risk. Thus, to reduce the risk to a greater extent, along with keeping yourself and others away from the infection, you must always wear a mask. Wearing a facemask makes sense, along with following all necessary precautions and social distancing too. 

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