Ian Mausner Says Self Quarantine & Self Isolation Should Be Taken Seriously

Ian Mausner as the government and health authorities’ look ahead to stop the spread of the virus, more and more people are being asked to do self-quarantine every day. You might feel overwhelmed to be locked up in a room for 14 days, without knowing how and what should be done. If you are reasonably suspected of being infected by the virus, it is best to self-isolate and make sure you get healthier while maintaining social distancing. Ian Mausner gives great emphasis on doing self-quarantine the right and smart way. Here is what you need to know if you or someone you know is suggested for the same.

What’s the Difference between Isolation &Quarantine?

Isolation is when you have a sick person at home; you separate them from the rest of the people at home. Self-isolation is a way to let the individual recover from the virus without spreading it throughout the family. Patients who are tested positive are often suggested to remain in home isolation, only under certain circumstances. 

Whereas Ian Mausner states Self Quarantine is to restrict the movement of people who’ve been greatly exposed to the disease, they might be asymptomatic but have traveled from an area where maximum people are infected. Or they might have traveled through flight which also requires self-quarantine. These people are constantly monitored by health professionals to check their updates on the symptoms and their health. They are told to stay at home, without moving out of the house for about 14 days. This is a way to stop spreading the virus in the neighborhood.

Ian Mausner Recommends Ways to Self-Monitor and Take Care at Home 

Rest Often

Stay at home, do not head out for work, school, travel, or to any public places as well. Make sure you take enough rest at home, connect with your family and friends through the internet. Be active socially through technology but maintain social distancing at any cost. 

Monitor Your Symptom

Make sure you constantly keep a record of your temperature, at least twice in a day. This will keep you aware of your health and fever. Health professionals and government people will require you to update them regularly. 

Stay Hydrated

Keep your body active by doing exercise regularly, this will boost your immune system and keep you moving throughout the day. Also, drink ample water to keep you hydrated. 

Clean Your Surrounding

While you are self-isolating or instructed to do a home quarantine, you must keep your surroundings clean. People are living in with you, which brings in the germs and infection too. Thus, before touching any object or surface disinfect the area carefully. 


By carefully following all the necessary measures, tips, and precautions, you will surely see improvement in your health. Make sure you have a health care professional expert in contact with you, as they can guide you with what should and shouldn’t be done. Self-quarantine and isolation are also a good way to protect your dear ones from getting infected. 

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