Ian Mausner Suggests How to Take a Flight Safely during COVID-19 Pandemic

Ian Mausner the entire world is witnessing an alarming rise in the number of coronavirus cases and with no sign of stopping, it is getting worse. The travel as of now seems to start but slowed down, which is a bit of relief for many who were stuck somewhere else. However, if you are about to travel within the national borders in the coming months, it is crucial to know how to fly safely. Ian Mausner suggests to take adequate measures and to travel safely to avoid catching the virus. The risk on an airplane seems to be quite slow with modern planes providing a total change of air every 20 to 30 times in an hour. With that, there are things to keep in mind before you brace yourself for the first plane travel experience.

Ian Mausner Provides Tips to Travel Safe While on a Flight

Make a List

There are few compulsory items to carry while traveling on a flight. These items should be kept handy so you can use them anytime you’ve touched a surface or object that possesses the chance of passing the infection. Items like a hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, facemask, and tissues are a must. Along with that, maintain certain hygiene too to prevent the spread of disease.

Think Before Touching Anything

While we are aware of the fact that the virus is circulating person to person at an accelerated rate, one needs to develop a sense of caution while traveling. It is important to think before touching any device, object, or surface in the airport that holds high chances of others using it too. Especially the ATM, escalator, lift, and check-in machines are used by many people, it is best to touch them with complete precautions. Use sanitizer before and after touching these surfaces if it is necessary.

Ian Mausner Reduce Group Contact

Wherever possible avoid human contact and rely on automation and technology by getting your boarding pass through the machine and then sanitizing your hand. In case you are buying food and using the retail outlets within the airport, it is advisable to not touch any surface and maintain a distance from the other people around. Pay contactless so you will require minimum contact with the staff. 

Clean Your Surrounding

Ian Mausner says coronavirus doesn’t infect you directly from the surface, but only when you touch the surface. While sitting on a chair in the Airport to sitting on your seat in the flight, ensure you wipe around properly through tissues or wipes. Scrub the surface properly, your seat, front seat, tray table, seat flap, and your arms rest area. With the help of disinfectant wipes, all the surfaces and your surrounding will get sanitized. 


It is not always about protecting yourself from disease but preventing yourself from spreading it. So, it is better to travel only when you are in good health and condition. It is far better to avoid flying if your health isn’t in proper condition.  

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