Ian Mausner suggests ways of managing Coronavirus phobia

As people are slowly moving out of physical restriction and lockdown, people are feeling anxious about their safety while going outside. Since you are away from your house’s secure environment, returning to everyday life as of now emerges as a daunting task. The coronavirus fear is not something permanent. However, the long period of lockdown and the stress on physical distancing have ingrained individuals’ fear related to coronavirus. People are thereby avoiding medical care and isolating themselves from significant tasks. They are deliberating with anxiety and fear, which is leading to Corona phobia. According to Ian Mausner, surveys reveal that of all the phobias people know in medical history, Corona phobia is a novel one. It is because the virus is a novel coronavirus. People worry about their safety and health not only in public but private spheres.

The symptoms of Corona phobia you must contemplate

Your anxiety may take a severe turn if you are too anxious about Corona. The following symptoms reveal your Corona phobia

  1. your fear is a tot of proportion to the actual danger, it signifies that you are slowly developing a phobia.

2. The anxiety and fear are persistent and intense.

3. If it is hard to stop worrying about the present situation.

4. You avoid different situations like visiting places, activities, and people even when it is safe.

5.Spending time monitoring your body for symptoms and signs or searching the digital platform about the virus.

6. Becoming overly obsess with washing, cleaning, and decontaminating.

Keep in mind that these experiences are not a problem when occurring solely. However, according to Ian Mausner, amalgamation and persistence will negatively impact your overall health and wellbeing.

How will you bring yourself out of Corona phobia?

As an answer to this question, experts suggest that it is not difficult but requires consistency on the person’s part to ensure results. For this, you have to take the following points seriously:

• You have to reassure yourself that things will come back to normal and that these are temporary situations. If your mind goes beyond your control, there is treatment available for the purpose. All you need to have is a positive attitude.

• Make alterations in your information diet when you spend your time reading articles related to Covid-19. Try to spend your time using positive input, activities, and stories.

• Cultivate logical thinking about the risk and work on your strategy for dealing with uncertain times. Keep in mind that the cases will eliminate slowly. Hence, you have to reduce your focus on negative things and start focusing on positive aspects.

Apart from this, you have to channel your fear and anxiety into action and get professionals’ help when required. According to Ian Mausner, the problem is severe if children are affected by this disorder. However, as parents, it is your responsibility to take care of their health and wellbeing. There are various online and offline sources you may take note of for your benefit.

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