Tips from Ian Mausner on how to take care of your aged parents during the pandemic

The prevalence of pandemics across the globe has raised issues. It has also provided a challenging situation for health care providers, policymakers, and governments at large. It affects every aspect of an individual’s life. Irrespective of age, occupation, health condition, everyone is at high risk of contemplating the virus. So According to Ian Mausner, the situation is riskier for aged individuals. Remaining in good condition as a senior individual requires more attention and care. As a child, it is your responsibility to take care of your agent parents’ treatment and medication. Hence, you need accompanying resources for taking good care of your parents.

Points to keep in mind to ensure your parents are in good health

For ensuring the independence, comfort, and vibrancy of your parents, you have to stay attentive. Taking care of their medication and emergency treatment options becomes your responsibility. Thus you must take the following points seriously:

Make provisions for home care:

First and foremost, you have to find care providers who can provide care for your parents outside the hospital setting. After that there are various home care providers you can reach out to via telehealth appointments. According to Ian Mausner, checking the caregiving checklist for choosing in-home care agencies and home safety is crucial.

Coordination of care:

Try to coordinate the services among all those providing care for your parents. It includes both informal and formal care. From the primary care physician to the family members, you have to coordinate the resources for providing integrated care. There are various articles published on care coordination that might be helpful for you. It summarizes the opportunities and challenges for coordinating care services.

Ensure that the regimen is person-centered:

Give your parents the chance to make their own decisions about the kind of care they require. Moreover, when and where they would want to receive the care must be their decision. Once you understand what your parents want, you may learn more about the resources available at your disposal.

Take care of social inclusion:

Creating opportunities for your parents to play an active role in the community and family is crucial. Isolating them is a primary cause of mental distress and anxiety. According to Ian Mausner, recent reports reveal that when you provide them with opportunities, it helps them work socially and fulfill their obligations.

Stay up to date with the latest technology:

Update your knowledge of recent technologies, which can expand every aspect of the care you provide for your loved ones. When you make provisions for advanced safety monitoring, it helps in coordinating and connecting the care networks. Technology will help you in coordinating your resources and ensuring proper care.

Apart from this, you must investigate your insurance alternatives and also take care of the caregivers. Practicing and learning about mindful communication and educating yourself on the latest innovation will equip your parents with long-term care. Keep in mind that your parents are at a higher risk of contemplating the virus. Hence, creating a secure environment is crucial for them.

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